May 23, 2018 Lasertag, Tagger


Have you ever wanted something modern, easy and reliable, maybe G36C on steroids? Just look at LSD DELTA, how great the look is, everyone would love to play with it! The body frame is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, ergonomic handle and trigger are designed to make your shooting as comfortable as possible, low buttstock is convenient for aiming for both adult and child.
LSD DELTA embodies the reliability and practicality of the original, long planks for fixing sights, tactical handle or LAZER DESIGNATOR systems, loud sound due to the acoustic socket, a strong simulation of the impact is located in the handle. A large number of stiffeners, internal fasteners, the body frame looks reliable and wholesome DELTA — top skill from the LSD ELECTRONICS company and this is not everything!
Let's have a look what you will tell about the newest emitter T 4A! The assault version of the most powerful emitter for laser tag produced by LSD electronics, just imagine: the maximum range is 350 meters, almost complete absence of ricochet and very small spot! In comparison with other models on the market, you just have to aim from this monster, your opponents will not be able to oppose to anything, the fourth series of emitters and LSD DELTA will make you the king of the battlefield!
Friends! The greatest event has happened! We are ready to present the first plastic rifle from the company LSD ELECTRONICS, which was designed especial for wide laser Tag use. From the creators of LSD RAVEN, a modern assault rifle, with many unique solutions!

We are proud to present you LSD DELTA!

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Let us find out why LSD DELTA deserves so much praise:

  • A unique body frame is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, we took the design of the popular G36C rifle from the German company Heckler & Koch, we have reworked for sports laser tag and adapted to the needs of a wide use
  • Perfect reliability, wall thickness up to 4.5 mm, internal fasteners "fasteners" improve the integrity of the body frame, which let you avoid the gaps and cracks. There are stiffening ribs all over the body frame for preventing "twisting".
  • Anatomical handle, we know how important the handle to be always seated tightly in the hand. We tried to make the handle more comfortable to the hand, which could be as covered tightly.
  • Smooth and soft down, the system of protection from the failure trigger. With extensive experience in the production of tags for all types of laser tagging use, we have gained the necessary experience in the device of internal mechanisms and we guarantee the reliability and ease of pressing, performed without effort.
  • The plank for mounting optical sights and collimators with a thickness of 8 millimeters! Sight front is included. Below there is an additional plank as in the original, to mount the tactical handle, LCC systems or tactical flashlight, the variability is limited only by your imagination!
  • Full belt mounts, wide butt and ring in the store, the elements with the mount are are not hollow. You can safely use them for their intended purpose!Loud sound, due to the wide resonator hole!

Now let us talk about filling, it definitely deserves a discussion:

  • New t 4 Assault emitter, this is a special LCD emitter TA designed for LCD DELTA, the assault version of the most powerful T4 emitter!
  • The range of fire up to 350 meters, which is slightly less than the usual T4! But LSD TA kept all the advantages of series 4 - a minimum of bounce and reduced blur. In practice, we get new sports Tagger, which is capable for effective working at any distance!
  • 4.4 Ah battery provides up to 50 hours of operation.
    Possibility to install FLAT-SCREEN display and output simulation module.
  • Dimensions: Length-65.5 cm, height from the store-27 cm, Width (thickness) - 5 cm in the area of the forearm.
  • The weight is 1.3 kg, without body kit and output simulation module. Perfect for all ages.

Hurry up to take an advantage of beneficial offer with pre-order LSD DELTA!


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