LSD Electronics is proud to represent an outstanding Raven Arena set, which since February 2017 has been distributed hundreds of copies around the world. Trendy design and durable casing with the awesome LED lights style the Raven pistol into a "must-have" tagger on any laser tag arena.

Here`s the gist, an entirely wireless and 100% online striking game is available. All taggers and additions are equipped with genuine firmware to hasten data transmission and deliver staggering joy to any participant. Just a couple of intuitive clicks are needed to adjust LSD`s game set. The Raven Arena set is completed with an embedded Two-Hand safety sensor by default, which means that the player must hold the tagger with both hands in order to fire. This feature greatly reduces the risk of injuries and prevents any cheating in the game.



$ 8800
  • LSD Raven Arena Pistol x 10
  • LSD Vest Arena x 10
  • LSD Checkpoint PRO x 2
  • LSD Multipoint x 2
  • LSD Radiobase Arena x 1
  • LSD Remote controller x 1
  • LSD First-aid kit x 2
  • LSD Charger x 12
  •   GET THIS SET FOR $ 6500
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LSD Raven Arena Pistol

LSD Raven Arena Pistol10 items

LSD Vest Arena

LSD Vest Arena10 items

LSD Checkpoint PRO

LSD Checkpoint PRO2 items

LSD Multipoint

LSD Multipoint2 items

LSD Radiobase Arena

LSD Radiobase Arena1 item

LSD Arena remote

LSD Arena remote1 item

LSD Charger 12

LSD Charger 121 item

LSD Raven Arena is the perfect set for any type of indoor laser tag business. Easy operation and great reliability are the key features of a modern successful venue. We offer free delivery worldwide. Play real!

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  • Free worlwide delivery *
  • Free software (online scores)
  • 24 months warranty
  • 24/7 online support

* when you buy 15+ taggers.