What Is Laser tag?

Laser tag is a high-tech game the point of which is to hit the target with infrared ray.

  • the player pulls the trigger;
  • the electronic signal is generated and comes through the optical system;
  • the infrared ray is formed which goes up to 300 meters followed by a realistic sound;
  • when a ray hits the sensor on the target it reduces target’s life by one point;
  • when all lives are wasted it’s followed by “death” and special sound, the gun becomes inactive and disconnects;
  • when you hit the target the light on its headband is activated and special sound is heard. The 6th generation equipment by LSD Electronics also has a feedback function. Your gun will sound if a lucky strike is made.
  • All the information goes to statistics online by special software.

The player may have either one life or many lives. It depends on the settings of the equipment. Accordingly, if all lives are wasted, the equipment shuts down then. The player has to find the checkpoint to respawn or quit the game (depends on the scenario).

The equipment depending on the generation may be configured by a remote control or via radiobase wirelessly. Besides the quantity of players and lives and ammo amount, you can configure the rapidity of fire, range of fire, damage, etc.

A method similar to laser tag is used in military combat simulation systems, which appeared even earlier than commercial version of laser tag. It is widely used to simulate the fight to train the soldiers. By the way, nowadays this kind of system is a primary NATO training tool.

From its very beginning the laser tag has combined the uncombinable: it is a great opportunity to break away from reality and to become a real soldier at the same moment. On this basis the laser tag has divided – it is up to you to decide: whether you carry a futuristic blaster inside the warm maze or you conquer the landfill with a replica of the deadly gun not paying any attention to the hard weather.

Nowadays laser tag is interesting and available for professional athletes and for children – it depends on the scenario and the ground.

Still wondering what laser tag is? Visit the nearest club and try it yourself!