Equipment operation

few simple rules to keep your equipment in a working order

Our company constantly maintains the highest level of quality of the laser tag equipment. You must follow a few simple rules to keep you equipment in a working order:

  • If the equipment was at subzero temperature and then you moved it into heated area, please, keep it idle for 4 hours before switching on.
  • Avoid getting moisture into the bodies of the equipment. If it gets wet, please, switch it off and dry it for 5 hours at room temperature.
  • Avoid physical damage to the equipment.
  • To increase the coverage of the radiobase it is highly recommended to place it in the middle of the playground at some highness. Try to ensure the maximum line of sight.
  • Take care of the optical parts of the laser tag equipment (lenses, emitters, sensors, scopes). Special optical wet wipes should be used for cleaning.
  • Recharge or replace the batteries timely. If the power is low possible change of sound tones and inaccurate firing can occur.
  • Direct sunlight or fog may reduce the firing distance for 30-40%
  • PC knowledge at the advanced level (the ability to install additional software and configure the applications)
  • Basic knowledge of electrics and electronics
  • Experience of operating technical equipment

Transportation of the kits is allowed by all types of land, sea and air transport in accordance with the rules applicable to these types.

  • Peripherals (buttons, switches, wires, microswitches, speakers, springs).
  • Mounts for all types of scopes.
  • Optical and collimator scopes.