Reliability of LSD Equipment

Basic Hardware Warranty – 24 months.

The absence of signal cable (headband-gun).

Wireless technologies allowed LSD to abandon the most unreliable element of any laser tag equipment – signal cable “headband-gun”. During the laser tag games it comes across many difficulties such as excessive power load from the player or hard weather. It also freezes the player’s movement. In addition, a wired connection with a headband sharply reduces the vividness of the game. Using wireless headband you can be pretty sure that the wire would not get caught or broken and you do not have to spend the evening after the game fixing it.


The modern design of a headband with its waterproof sensors lets you use the kit in the rainy and frosty weather. The fabric base of a headband can be easily removed from the sensors for washing and fixing by pulling the Velcro clips. Light weight and small size of a headband easily let you use it during the game.


The compact infrared emitter is made of aluminum. Its 5 mm wall thickness protects the optics from the mechanical damage during the game. The emitter is connected to the barrel by the thread. It greatly improves the fastening, accuracy and range of firing.

Reliability of electronics.

The laser tag electronic components made by LSD are basically high quality printed circuit boards with up-to-date radio elements. During the process of manufacturing both ways of manual and automatic smoldering are used by LSD specialists. Then the mainboards get varnished in specially equipped premises. After setting up, all the equipment undergoes total quality control and tests for 12 hours by using professional stands.

Assembly of the equipment.

Assembly of the equipment is based on the requirements for playing in different weather and temperature conditions. During the assembly we use high quality resilient components (microswitches, wires, etc.). Technological holes are covered with special material to protect the electronics from moisture and dust. In Pro Series kits the use of additional buttons and switches is minimal. Reloading and switching to different fire modes is performed via regular controls. This greatly improves the reliability of our laser tag equipment. Using the AK kit gives you the opportunity to remove the receiver cover and the shutter for some cleaning.

Body of the equipment.

FWSR Series which is based on the real weight and size of a gun and MP Series which is based on pneumatic guns, are the best series for the laser tag rental. The bodies are made of steel and high-impact ABS so the guns overcome the most severe mechanical stress.