ISM Radiomodule

To provide quality wireless connection Blaster – Headband – Server in the lasertag equipment LSD Electronics use wireless integrated ISM module.


To provide quality wireless connection Blaster – Headband – Server in the lasertag equipment LSD Electronics use wireless integrated ISM module.

We have researched both ISM and Bluetooth technologies to determine the advantages of using them in the lasertag equipment of new generation.

To compare ISM and Bluetooth technologies you should take a look at the areas of usage:

Bluetooth is used in simple domestic devices with a range of 5-10 m. e.g. phone headset, wireless mouse, microphone, etc.

ISM modules are used in complex industrial radio networks to solve the problems at absolutely different level. These are security systems, industrial telemetry, various control systems such as nuclear power and oil plants.

If speaking about these technologies in the context of lasertag equipment it becomes quite obvious that ISM module has far too many advantages than Bluetooth. Bluetooth can substitute a wire just for a short distance, while ISM module lets you organize an endless coverage building the chain of devices. This means that the uninterrupted connection between the game kit and the radiobase is easy to establish.

Since we support the professional approach in designing and developing lasertag equipment, we have chosen ISM modules to use, because of a way more possibilities than Bluetooth.

Because of the introduction of ISM in the latest generations of LSD equipment the following useful features became available:

  • remote change of settings via radiochannel
  • automatic detection of all devices
  • real time stats tracking
  • audio feedback at hit
  • repeating signal system which lets you extend the coverage

The second reason of abandoning Bluetooth and choosing ISM to organize the uninterrupted connection between the headband and the blaster is:

During the manufacture we also integrate electronics into the FWSR kits, besides plastic ones. Low-power Bluetooth modules have not enough strong signal for an uninterrupted connection. Chance of connection gap is greatly increased when the player walks out of coverage area or put away his blaster. All these disadvantages greatly influence on the quality and pleasure of the game and reliability of the equipment.

To summarize, below is the list of ISM advantages:

  • reliability, manufacturability, endless playground possibilities
  • absolute safety which is confirmed by the certificate

It is well known, that ISM modules are more expensive than Bluetooth, but we as a manufacturer of high-tech equipment are ready to take these costs in order to provide you with the best product.

Main characteristics of ISM radiomodule

• unlicensed frequency range: 433MHz

• data transfer speed up to 152.3 kbit / s

• receiver sensitivity -113dBm at 4.5 kbit / s

• maximum output power up to +15 dBm

• voltage 2.4 V … 3.6 V

• current consumption in receive mode: 14mA

• current consumption in transmission mode: 62mA (15 dBm)

• direct digital interface

• temperature range: -40 ° C … +85 ° C

• module dimensions 30,5 x18, 5mm