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LSD Raven is not just another package of laser tag guns. It is the set which is totally ready to start the business and make money on the fly. Reliable taggers and essential additional devices will help you operate the business in easy way. Great variety of scenarios and online scores tracking feature will help you promoting the venue so the customers will be coming back again and again. No age, gender or health limits. Play real!


LSD RAVEN12 items

Wireless LSD Headband

Wireless LSD Headband12 items

LSD Checkpoint PRO

LSD Checkpoint PRO1 item

LSD Radiobomb

LSD Radiobomb1 item

LSD Multipoint

LSD Multipoint2 items

LSD Radiobase

LSD Radiobase1 item

LSD Controller

LSD Controller1 item

LSD Charger 12

LSD Charger 121 item

Still doubting? Even more sweets are free:

  • free worldwide delivery *
  • free software (online scores)
  • factory warranty 18 months
  • online support 24/7

* when you buy 15+ taggers.