Online statistics

The most distinctive feature of the 8th generation lasertag equipment is such a useful feature as the possibility to track the game stats online (online statistics).


It gives you a great chance to track various game events online with the help of computer, radiobase and special software.

Usually the out-of-date equipment has no option of stats tracking or it lets you read the data only after the game is finished which is very long and difficult process. Everybody is tired after the game and nobody wants to waste his time waiting for unimportant info.

The radiobase plugged into your computer provides the radio coverage up to 150 meters. The coverage is greatly increased if repeaters are used. It connects to the radiobase at the distance of 200 meters. Moreover it can transmit the signal from one repeater to another thus letting you receive the online stats from anywhere no matter how large the territory is.

The stats can be tracked during the game and after the game because of accumulation of game events. Each game set can store up to 255 events. So after the regular game all the events will be tracked when you start up the system. Even if a player walks out of coverage area all his stats will still be tracked and stored when he re-enters the area. Thus, no data can be lost or modified.

The instructor can start or stop the game by pressing two buttons on the radiobase. One of them is to revive the players, another one is to kill everybody. (such kind of death does not go to the stats)

To make the game more realistic and more intense you can bind any two blasters to one headband. This means a player can have a spare blaster or fire from both hands at once.

The instructor can adjust the game settings for all the players using batch setting in the configurator, which can be run directly during the game.

The online stats can be used in either outdoor or indoor games. The fans can watch the game sitting in front of the monitors. After the game is over the results can be saved or shared.


The online stats are being tracked during the game so the fans can watch the game. It displays all the events happening with teams and players: points, hits, deaths, damage, recoveries. More important thing is that you can easily determine who damaged who.

At the end of the game you can not only see the best team and players, but also the full list of events happened during the game. Once the game is over the stats and the log can be saved as a file and shared to a network.

All these features increase the general interest to the lasertag game, excite the players and motivate them to come back again and again.