May 24, 2018 Lasertag

Laser Tag Game Strategy Lifehacks

The critical feature of the laser tag is the high target range: if you see an enemy, you can hit him. As a rule, in the laser tag, as in real combat, the winner is the one who first noticed the enemy and was able to make a clean shot. In team battles, it is crucial to remain protected from the fire of the alive opponents. Putting on a laser tag set with vests and guns would make you a soldier. And now it is essential to survive and kill all enemies. But how to do that right?

Decisive for survival is secrecy, choice of position, and concerted action of team members. You can follow a few simple rules to win.

  1. While choosing a location and while moving, always track your viewing sector. You trace the opponents and can quickly respond with fire. From the other directions, you must be covered by landscapes, structures or other teammates. In this case, the appearance of the enemy will not become a surprise for you, and you can open the target fire with a minimum delay.
  2. When attacking enemy positions, approach from directions that are not tracked by the enemy. Operate in pairs in such a way that the enemy has to control several sectors of the attack: this will slow down the speed of his response and will allow you to hit him from the opened direction.
  3. The effectiveness of your actions depends on knowing the full picture of the battle. Feel free to share information with other members of your team. Beginners often disregard this principle from considerations of personal survival (the less you stick out, the less risk that you will be noticed). Strive to achieve a middle ground between your own secrecy and awareness of what is happening on the site. To reduce the risk of being hit, limit the observation time (the time for the opponent to respond to the new target is at least 1 second to aim and shoot) and change the observation points more often.
  4. If you see that your team squad is busy with positional battle with the enemy, try to use it to attack from an unexpected angle for the enemy.
  5. Try to track how many rounds you got in that gun, so as not to be unable to open fire when the enemy appears or while moving under fire.
  6. Try to reduce the time spent in an open area, shot from several directions. If this cannot be avoided, work in pairs, moving one by one and dividing the sectors.
  7. The speed of the movement is essential, but not always critical. More important is the ability to keep track of the situation and to open the fire with a minimum delay. For this it is necessary to maintain even breathing and control the sector of the probable appearance of the enemy with a weapon at hand.
  8. Do not stay long in one position, especially after it is discovered by the enemy. Try to always have in your head a plan of positions changes.
  9. Always coordinate the strategy with the team before starting the battle.

Actively share information with the team. Use communication capabilities to achieve positional flexibility and to provide numerical superiority in contact with the enemy. All these tips will allow you to be the best on the battlefield.

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