June 4, 2018 Lasertag, Tagger


Friends! We present you the novelty, the integration of tagger COMBAT from the LSD ELECTRONICS company. Electronics and filling of our company is:

  • The guarantee is 18 months! All equipment is certified and licensed, according to the best European quality standards CE!
  • The range up to 300 meters with a radiator T 3 for assault rifles, a small spot, the ability to adjust the distance!
  • High-speed online statistics, the ability to monitor the progress of the game on a computer monitor or a large Screen! Moreover, after the game you can print and save the results of each player, post the results on social networks and give the opportunity to share your achievements!
  • Work on the radio channel with a coverage range of up to 1000 meters, without repeaters! Instant hardware configuration through the SOFTWARE, you can configure in a few clicks all your kits, regardless of whether you have 10 or 60!
  • LASERSTAR service-save your game results, compete with your friends and participate in the global rating all over Russia!
  • Reliable 4.4 Ah battery provides up to 50 hours of operation!

It is necessary to pay the tribute to the body frame of the Impulse Company is extremely reliable and a new round began with a modular rifle COMBAT we liked.

Let us look at the stated advantages:

  • The mobility of the shutter elements and the switch of the fire mode, as well as adjustable butt in four positions.
  • Removable store.
  • The presence of open sighting devices. Upper and lower weaver planks for mounting optics or tactical handles
  • The weight is close to combat counterparts (2 kg.) is not too light for adults and not too heavy for teenagers. Thanks to the removable store, it is possible to have a full recharge cycle.

LSD Electronics


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