February 27, 2018 Lasertag

Laser Tag 2 or 4 Player Set

Laser tag is a real, not a virtual battle, which is conducted with the help of lighting guns. Only bullets are replaced with infrared rays and LED sensors signal on successful hitting the opponent. This kind of leisure is absolutely safe and very interesting. Players can be men, women, and children! There are no restrictions, and the main thing is the desire and fighting spirit. Can you imagine such a company party or a hilarious girls’ night? Arrange the laser tag weekend, and you will be filled with energy for a long time. In the process of the game, participants need a huge concentration of attention, lightning-fast reaction, good orientation in space and great agility. Therefore, laser tag can easily replace some extreme sports.

Laser Tag 2-player Set is The Best Option to Try This

For the production of laser equipment, the most advanced radio communication technologies are used, so the price of a laser tag is justified. But the player can be sure of a stable, trouble-free connection with the weapon. Laser equipment works remotely, without wires, large and heavy power supplies. A player can freely move around the arena, hide in cover or suddenly attack an opponent.

In our online store there is equipment for laser tag of famous manufacturers:

  • models of weapons;
  • game kits;
  • cover;
  • accessories and spare parts.

If you want to play, the minimal set should include 2 kits of main equipment. Shots can sound as in real weapons. The vibration system allows you to determine the hit. The absence of blind spots allows fixing hits at 360 degrees.

4-person Laser Tag Set for The Big Game

It is a perfect option for the whole family to have unforgettable and fun time.

We have a decent arsenal of advantages for this activity:

  • There are no painful sensations;
  • The beam is not affected by wind;
  • The shooting range is 200-500 meters;
  • The most important advantage of the laser tag game is absolute safety.

The more players, the more weapons, and vests are needed. Also, you may need more free space to create the arena. It’s good that you can easily expand the number of game kits using the same game area.

Our store provides game sets for both outdoor and indoor games. We offer high-quality equipment, warranty service and promise pleasant emotions during gaming process.

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