February 27, 2018 Lasertag

Laser Tag Business Startup

Laser Tag is an absolutely safe laser game, which brings no pain and leaves no traces of paint, like in paintball. Modern electronics allow the player to be aware of everything that happens to him during the game. You can easily find out if you could hurt or kill the enemy; you always know about wounds you have and how severe they are. The player sees how many ammo you have left and is it advisable to continue the fight.

How to Start a Business with 4 People Laser Tag Set?

First of all, it is necessary to rent the office which has several rooms, in which you will stock ammunition and weapons for the game. Then you have to register a business. It will be enough to buy a 4 person laser tag set. You do not need to spend a large amount of money at the very beginning. Further, you can expand your facilities and buy more sets.

4 person Laser Tag Set: What is Necessary for Each Player?

  • Vest with a control unit, whose weight is 400 grams. A vest I s made of dense and wear-resistant gray or black fabric so that both teams differ in color.
  • Sensors are attached to the front, as well as a baseball cap or bandage. If the player is hit, the sensor begins to vibrate and sound an alarm.
  • Jackets made of waterproof fabric, matching the color of the vests. These jackets will not let you give up the game if it’s snowing or raining.
  • Weapons for the game. You need to buy coupler assault rifles and sniper rifles. Thus, in a team, there will be stormtroopers and snipers.

It will be enough $5.000-10.000 to launch the business. The total cost depends on the number of sets, rent and ad expenses.

Game Arenas for Laser Tag Game

The game arenas are divided into 3 types: indoors with special decorations, on forest and field (without civil engineering and constructions, or partially built-up (for example, trenches, ditches, fortification or other defensive constructions).

In order to save the money, you can rent an abandoned building which naturally does not pose a threat to health and life. And the cost of renting in such cases is often low. Forest and field sites are practically free options, although in some cases it is necessary to resolve the issue of laser tag games with the local administration.

Advantages of the Laser Tag Business

  • Perspective. The audience of laser tag lovers doubles every year. This business is in the development trend;
  • Fast payback. Depending on the region, advertising activity, and starting actions, the payback is from 3 months to a year.
  • Low entry cost. For starters, there is often enough of a basic set 4-10 players, a base, and a control point.
  • “Good” competition. We helped the opening of several clubs, even in our city – it expands the audience, popularizes the laser tag as a whole. We create common events; we help each other in the promotion of products.

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