January 30, 2018 Lasertag

Laser Tag for Adults

Laser Tag for AdultsWhy do adults like laser tag? Many people think that a laser tag is a shooting game for children. So they assume that shooting for adults is paintball, airsoft, etc. But these sports can cause bruising or even injury to participants. And what to do if you want to play with the girls? According to statistics, 72% of girls refuse to play paintball, because they do not want to experience potential pain.

Therefore, laser tag for adults is an excellent alternative to paintball. The battle takes place in the arena, which may be illuminated by ultraviolet rays. The arena is built in the form of a labyrinth. There are many walls in it, behind which you can hide from rival shots. During the battle, dynamic music plays, which even more allows you to transport into an alternate reality, get your mind off your troubles and get a lot of fun from the game process.

Shots from weapons simulators are carried out by laser beams, which provides the game process with a number of advantages:

  • Does not hurt, in contrast to the paintball balls.
  • Do not spoil clothes with paint.
  • It is not necessary to use special clothes and equipment.
  • It does not require the participation of a large number of people.
  • A variety of scenarios for the game.

What You Need to Play: Laser Tag Game Set for Adults

Laser tag game set for adults is maximally adapted for intensive daily using. The lightweight and ergonomic blaster is made of impact-resistant polypropylene. Sensors on the vest are made of a polycarbonate. These materials are able to withstand the strikes and falls that that often happens during the game. Built-in electronics is mounted on special mounting racks, which ensures the stability of the game set to heavy loads.

The blaster is designed in such a way that it conveniently fits into the hands the adult player. There are no sharp and protrusive elements on the blaster, which makes it safe to use. The textile base of the vest is made of wear-resistant material. The lining is made of PVC material, which does not absorb moisture and is kept for a long time free of contamination during the entire playing day. It is easy to take care of such a waistcoat. The outer and inner part of the vest can be wiped with a sponge.

Laser tag kits for adults provide 4 killing zones of a player’s body: abdomen, shoulders, back, and blaster.

Where to buy laser tag kits for adults

This game is an excellent training for an adult organism. The gameplay is almost always dynamic, but also quite simple, so no special physical preparation is required. Our company supplies high-quality equipment for laser tag. We provide a warranty and help in choosing the optimal kit

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