May 27, 2016 Lasertag

Common Rules

Any intentional contact is unpardonable. Any accidental contact requires immediate warnings to both players to be more careful, with further physical contact subject to immediate censure.

Preventing a tagger from tagging a sensor is dishonorable. In the course of a game when a sensor is blocked, any player is allowed to yell, «Sensor!» That’s why we mount 6 sensors on the LSD Headband and 8 sensors on the LSD Vest.

Masking the sound of a sensor in any way is dishonorable. The sensor speaker should always be free to emit its loudest tones. That’s why we mount the speaker on the back side of LSD Headband. There is another speaker in a tagger.

The equipment can fail in the course of a contest (usually because of low battery power). In this event, the player with the equipment failure is out of the game. Each contestant is expected to check his equipment thoroughly before starting to play and must suffer the consequences of malfunctioning equipment. If you rent the equipment out – make sure all the devices are ready. The player with the faulty equipment receives an automatic time-out while obtaining a replacement.

Sometimes during the game, it could happen that a sensor on the LSD Headband is not turned on or gets reset. If this is discovered, LSD tagger will be switched off after sometime (depending on the settings). Cheating is impossible.

No matter what a person is like away from the games, when he puts on the LSD equipment he is to be treated with respect and honor. Lasertag players never lie, cheat, or take advantage of a fallen foe.

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