June 5, 2016 Lasertag

Lasertag Myths Tagged & Busted

No! Lasertag can be played anywhere! Indoors or outdoors, it is up to you! No matter what the weather is, you are free to enjoy the game. LSD Electronics provides weatherproof game kits.

No! Our constant development let us produce innovative emitters which equally work in the dark or daylight. All taggers by LSD Electronics are suitable for playing 24/7.

No! After the most younger players parents book the game for themselves. Have you ever dreamed of running in the forest with an authentic AK gun? Crawling between the bushes? Hiding behind the trees? Looking for your victim? Yes, you have. LSD Electronics creates 100% real taggers for real feelings.

No! The game attracts everybody. Since no damage is done, no paint is used and nothing special is needed, girls like it too! LSD Electronics offers light-weight taggers suitable for everybody for low price.

No! All the LSD equipment is totally wireless. A game kit is a tagger + headband or vest. Nothing else is needed. Put on the headband, grab your tagger and go!

No! It is 100% safe. The emission is invisible, because it is infrared. It cannot be dangerous. Moreover, LSD Electronics will not ever produce anything harmful.

LSD Electronics