June 27, 2016 Lasertag

Common advice

Getting Ready!

You’ve opened the package and there is plenty of deadly looking things to play with. But first of all make sure you know how your equipment operates. Play for yourself, try different scenarios and settings. Master your business!
  • Get to know the equipment!
  • Theme your area! Avoid shiny surfaces to extend fire range.
  • Arrange the games! Time, teams, breaks, awards, etc.
  • Settings! Try different settings to create templates for the equipment.
  • Scenarios! Try regular ones and invent your own. Play it all!
  • Awards and promotion! People must remember the game.
All the taggers are switched on by the key. Switch on the taggers, then switch on the headbands. Place everything close to the LSD Radiobase. Plug the LSD Radiobase into your PC or laptop and start the program. After the devices are discovered – set them up the way you want it. The templates will help you to set up different games for kids and adults in a moment.
Briefing – extremely important part! Make sure all your customers are instructed how to operate the equipment. Show them how to use devices, how to aim and fire. Remind them of the safety and social rules. They will have fun, but you still have to be attentive and helpful. Double check all the equipment, make sure everything is fully charged and ready.

RECOMMENDATION: take your time to prepare special worksheet for your customers. It should have vital points about the game and responsibilities. Remember, your customers are free to have fun, but make them responsible for any damage. Let them sign the paper before starting any game. Now you are protected.


  • No physical contact!
  • Do not cover the sensors!
  • Do not take off the headband or vest!
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Aim and fire!

Missions and Scenarios

One team is to hide and prepare the assault. The other team is to defend and protect the premises. Both teams have unlimited First Aid Kits.

Two teams are to hide in different sides. The LSD Checkpoint is put in the middle of the playground. A team should conquer and hold the Checkpoint for some time (depends on the settings). Two First Aid Kits are placed at different sides of the playground to make the players think and run.

No teams, just free for all. There are equal settings for every player. Time is limited. To win a player should get more frags.

One team must plant the LSD Bomb / Timer in the designated area, another team must protect the area and defuse the LSD Bomb / Timer if planted. Play it real!

Try to invent new events weekly to fully satisfy the needs of your every customer.

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