May 24, 2016 Lasertag, Tagger


LSD Electronics is proud to present redesigned LSD Desert Eagle. This masterpiece is mostly recommended for a personal play, but will definitely become a most wanted tagger in every arsenal.
It is light, convenient, very dependable and it does look great. All the electronics are totally integrated. You did not even notice that there is just one more screw, compared to the original pistol.
We redesigned the ergonomics transferring the speaker to the grip and got rid of excessive details. More authentic, almost perfect!
The most important feature is: the new LSD Desert Eagle can be used without emitter. IR diode is put inside the barrel turning this pistol into a powerful secondary weapon. An outstanding possibility for tactical lovers!
Finally, the reloading is performed with a spring shutter. No buttons, play it real!

  • Full integration
  • Аuthentic appearance
  • Сan be used without an external emitter
  • Arms valve with spring return

LSD Electronics