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Building War Field For Laser Tag Game

Building war field for laser tag game is a responsible matter, because of the safety of players, and the ability to implement scenarios of depends on its quality. Of course, you can do with natural polygons, but for a stable interesting activity of the club, you just need a well-equipped playground.

An excellent option for its arrangement is inflatable tactical figures and shelters for laser tag. Initially, this type of cover was used for paintball, and now all the significant competitions for this game are held with their use. For a laser tag, they also fit perfectly.

Advantages of inflatable bunkers and figures for laser tag:

  • Security. These bunkers are soft, do not have sharp corners and they are absolutely not traumatic.
  • Durability. All the figures are made of high-quality and durable PVC. Inflatable children’s attractions, car awnings, and other structures which require the strength and resistance of the main material are also made of PVC. They can be used at a temperature of even – 40C degrees. With all the rules of use, these shelters will last for 10 years or more.
  • Easy to operate. They are easy to transport, easy to install and easy to store. Due to the fact that they are deflating, the space in the trunk and in the warehouse is saved. The figures are quite light, they can be easily transported around the area without problems, installing them where necessary.
  • Additional income. As practice shows, such figures increase the demand for the games of the club as a whole. In addition, some clubs charge an additional fee for the installation of an inflatable field.

Where to buy laser tag multiplayer battle set

Here you can choose high-quality inflatable figures for the decoration of the playground. A wide range of products is represented by more than few dozens of models of all possible shapes, which are very popular among professionals. Various geometric shapes, such as “Barrel”, “Cone”, “Cube” are well suited for training combat skills, and tactical figures imitate real shelters and allow creating a unique game space, easily modified depending on the needs.

Inflatable figures and shelters for laser tag are an indispensable acquisition for any club. They will not only facilitate the work and make each game more vivid and interesting, but also increase your income by attracting new customers and providing additional services.

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