March 26, 2018 Lasertag

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Every year, you wonder how to celebrate a birthday brightly and remember every moment. There is an interesting way to gather friends and have a fun. You can celebrate Birthday interestingly by playing laser tag. It can be the birthday party of your husband, wife, parents or colleagues. But it is a special event for every child. The laser tag is some kind of a laser paintball. It’s interesting for all ages: for men, women, and for children. So do not worry about invited guests, they will appreciate your creativity. When playing laser tag there are no injuries and bruises. Special equipment is not needed: no masks and glasses, there are no restrictions on age and gender. The main thing here is to be able to get a clear shot.

Where to play

Laser tag for kids is a good way to gather all the friends and make an incredible break in the maze filled with smoke, rattling music, in the light ultraviolet lighting. Everyone can take part in the game: it’s not difficult, it’s not painful and the main thing is not scary and that’s why children from 6 years old can play laser tag. A huge number of modes and variability of scenarios makes the laser tag an exciting game that can surprise and give unforgettable emotions.

Advantages for player

  1. The game takes place without pain, which allows playing women and children.
  2. The accurate indication of a hit. No fraud and scam.
  3. Real sensations of combat, especially in tactical terms. Laser guns look much more effective than paintball ones.
  4. Different modes of programming for the number of lives and cartridges, which allows you to equalize the chances of players of different levels.
  5. A good firing range (up to 150 meters) makes the game as close to real combat operations.
  6. The game does not require a specially equipped polygon, you can play on any kind of landscape.
  7. You can play in any clothing that is convenient for you, without uncomfortable helmets, and protective suits.
  8. Online statistics for each player.

Where to buy

Our company provides the best equipment with loyal cost. You can also purchase laser tag for two or for three persons to have a fun in your family. You can start your own business or use it only for birthdays. Holidays and family pastime. All laser tag sets equipped with modern software, modern wireless technologies and an exact replica of real weapons.

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