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LSD RAVEN stands for awesome style, maximum reliability, and a host of innovative solutions!

Distinctive specifics

  • – Case made of ABS plastic, impeccable for rental use. Lightweight, robust, and resistant to sub-zero temperatures.
  • – LED-backlit case allows seeing the team’s colour at a long distance.
  • – Front and rear sights.
  • – Li-Ion battery with 4.4 Ah capacity and up to 50 hours of game time.
  • – Excellent ergonomics and unique design complied with the comfortable grip and soft trigger.
  • – Specially designed ribbed surface forend prevents hand`s slipping and the small size does not create inconvenience when shooting and aiming even for small players.
  • – Modified pistol emitter, slightly superior to the T1M, with a range of up to 200 meters and a reduced IR ray spot.
  • – Improved sound and positioning of the loudspeaker unit produced a splendid “clap” effect.
  • – The backlight can be switched off by means of software.
  • Dimensions:

    Length – 26 cm.

    Height to the grip – 14.5 cm.

    Height to the forend – 10 cm.

    Weight – 450 grams.

    Emitter – T1M, range up to 200 meters.

    Battery 3.7V – 4400mAh (extended), up to 50 hours of play.

    Additional Information

    Weight 0.450 kg
    Dimensions 26 cm
    Body Type

    ABS plastic



    Power Supply

    AA / Li-Ion 4400 mAh 3.7V

    Available Upgrades

    Recoil Imitation Module
    Optical Scope
    LED Display
    Shock sensor


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