Machine Pistol LSD Ingram

Machine Pistol LSD Ingram

530.00 $780.00 $

  • Installation of the recoil (vibro) simulation module:+$30.
  • Installation of the LCD display:+$30.
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One of the first full-dimensional taggers manufactured by LSD ELECTRONICS! LSD Ingram was significantly updated with a number of entourage elements within 2019. Firstly, we corrected the geometry of the case to better match the original, then added imitation of the buttstock, changed the angle of the trigger and increased the trigger`s edging space, which significantly increased the comfort for the player in winter gloves. Eventually, we got a magnificent and modern case, even more adapted for every player, that fact will not leave apathetic a single fan of full-dimensional laser tag weapons!

Completed with headband

Additional Information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 27 cm
Available Upgrades

Recoil Imitation Module
Optical Scope
LCD Display


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