August 1, 2022 Lasertag


LASERSTAT SOFTWARE is available for everyone!

We present an extensive LSD software update with greatly enhanced configurator functionality and efficiency. When updating LASERSTAT SOFTWARE, we kept the previous functionality, but added stunning visuals, speed and usability, based on the Unity cross-platform development environment! With the new admin menu, you can change game parameters, mix players` team, and replenish ammunition in just one click! The updated game history clearly shows the battlefield`s situation and also has flexible visualization settings.

  • Stunning visuals!
  • Sound on the game and in the menu: game event voiceovers and music!
  • Advanced player scoring system and new achievements based on game results.
  • Flexible configurator settings, fast, intuitive interface with enormous possibilities.
  • Integration with LASERSTAT.PRO service
    Broadcast game results to second screen.

You can read more about all the features on our website, or better yet, install the software and evaluate all the functionality yourself!



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