June 4, 2021 Lasertag

First Aid Kit v2 is on sale!

Hello, folks! Great news - First Aid Kit v2 is on sale! LSD ELECTRONICS First-aid kit v2 delivers sweeping game opportunities, mobility, and convenience! The case is made of hit-resistant plastic, with wall mounts on the back. It is designed to be easily transportable and can be securely mounted on most surfaces. A very important feature is the touch-sensors instead of regular buttons, just swipe or put your palm next to the sensor. You will definitely like the Base mode, which is especially relevant now for summer outdoor games and scenarios. A reviving option of a specific team allows running a full-fledged portable strongpoint scenario. Moreover, we've added Auto Mode, as well as Anomaly and Radiation options. LSD's first-aid kit v2 advanced technology and appearance is a powerful tool for any laser tag club, and if properly applied, it could turn any scenario into a hilarious and exciting action. In manual mode, the circular LED scale shows the remaining procedure time, and in automatic mode shows the countdown to the next recovery. In 'Base' mode the linear scale displays the health reserve of the first aid kit itself. The OLED display shows the settings and modes of operation, and during the game displays important information on the First Aid Kit V2 operation. And another important feature is a very powerful sound with unique effects!

First Aid Kit v2

First Aid Kit v2

LSD Electronics


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