First Aid Kit v2

LSD First Aid Kit v2

160.00 $

LSD First-aid Kit

First Aid Kit v2 from LSD ELECTRONICS delivers sweeping game opportunities, mobility, and convenience!

The back side has holes for securely attaching the first aid kit to the wall, and a handy handle ensures it can be safely used when moving around during play. The shape of the first aid kit allows it to be placed on almost any surface. The touch-sensitive control buttons ensure long-lasting, reliable operation. Manual and automatic control modes are available, as well as a Base function mode, and a revive counter setting, allowing you to use the LSD First Aid Kit V2 on any surface and in any scenario!

– Unique impact resistant plastic casing.

– Set the revive function to a specific team colour.

– Rugged touch-sensitive buttons.

– Powerful loudspeakers and unique sound effect.

– Circular LED scale with brightness adjustment, displays command colour, in manual mode shows remaining number of uses, in automatic mode counts down time.

– Linear LED scale with brightness setting showing module strength points in base mode. The colour of the backlight changes according to the strength of the base.

– OLED display showing settings and operation mode, displays necessary information on the operation of the first aid kit v2 during the game.

– Three modes of operation: Manual, Automatic and Base.

Manual mode requires physical interaction with the sensor (swipe, put your hand to the area), Automatic mode performs actions on a preset timer. Base incorporates the previous modes and Apothecary v2 gets a health bar and game timer, respectively a new battle task and scenario.

The main features for all modes are health and/or ammo regeneration in varying ranges, and player resurrection. An anomaly and radiation mode can additionally be added to the auto mode.

Weight 0.430 kg

Dimensions 21.8 x 13.8 x 8.2 cm

Additional Information


Game Device

Power Supply

2 AA Batteries


Scenario Games
Lives & Ammo Supply


5 m


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