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LSD Multipoint

100.00 €

LSD Multipoint

is a new universal device combining the best features of four devices.

1. RED MODE – Medic. This mode lets the point to recover all lives and ammo of all the players around according to the default settings.
2. GREEN MODE – First Aid. The green mode adds 1 life to all the players around.
3. BLUE MODE – Engineer. Being in this mode the device adds 1 clip of bullets to all the players around.
4. YELLOW MODE – Radiation. This risky mode makes the Multipoint take 1 life from all the players around.
5. WHITE MODE – Service. The pause regime for operator’s setting up.

The Multipoint can be easily controlled via LSD Controller. Timing intensity of emission of the modes described above is set up by preset buttons on the controller. Available settings: 2, 5, 15, 30 seconds.

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Game Device

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First Aid


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