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  • Installation of the recoil (vibro) simulation module:+$30.
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The details define the best laser tag equipment. LSD’s new AK-21 Zeus tagger, specifically designed for the harshest laser tag rental! Under perfectness pursuit, we have fulfilled the most important requirements from our customers – advanced design, reliability, and functionality! The solid-metal tagger body, telescopic buttstock, lightweight plastic fore-end, aluminum bolt and upper Weaver rail, ergonomic grip – make the AK-21 utterly comfortable and reliable. When creating AK-21 Zeus, we adhered to the most seamless safety philosophy, the tagger has practically no sharp corners and protruding parts. The tagger is equipped with an adjustable front sight and is entirely located in a one-piece milled block. All these confer the AK-21 tagger great balance and unparalleled reliability! An updated emitter design adds a military entourage to an already splendid appearance. Let’s go through the features separately:

  • Solid-metal body with high-quality plating, anti-scratch, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Telescopic buttstock.
  • Lightweight aluminum elements provide excellent balance.
  • Adjustable sights (aim and front sight)
  • Shutter for reloading.
  • The genuine military entourage, many details. (Fire modes, rivets, original shape replica)
  • The updated T3 emitter with an exceptional design. (IR range up to 300 meters)
  • Safety, no sharp or protruding parts.
  • Electronics integration into the magazine, all parts are located in special grooves, securely fastened and protected from moisture and impact.
  • Advanced and recognizable design based on AK12
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 86-96 cm
  • Production material: Steel, High-impact plastic
  • IR range: 300 meters, T3 series emitter
  • Working time: up to 50 hours
  • Battery: rechargeable 3.7V, 4400 mAh (parallel)
  • Recharge: shutter
  • Features: Sights included, Shot illumination, Bars for mounting optics and tactical devices
  • Options: Simulated recoil (vibro)

Additional Information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 86 cm


Available Upgrades

Recoil Imitation Module
Optical Scope
Tactical grip