Regeneration (recovery) - the player's ability to refill certain number of lives after a certain period (interval) of time. LSD Software lets you adjust both lives and time settings. Regeneration is set up in Configurator’s system settings and applied directly to the tagger, so no additional device is required.
Regeneration feature takes effect right after the player has been damaged but not killed (no effect). The online scores table will display time and number of lives gained with the help of Regeneration. Once a player reaches full number of lives (according to the settings) the tagger will make a special sound announcing that Regeneration is completed. Regeneration function can be also disabled in LSD Software.

NOTE: Regeneration is available in 8.2, 8.3 generations. Check your settings before every new game.


Feedback / Transmission

Feedback (responsiveness) or transmission is a special option which lets the tagger make a sound when it hits the opponent or the target. Since the moment of hitting the enemy is definitely the most exciting part in any laser tag battle, every player wants to know that exact moment of a lucky shot.
It is often impossible to determine whether you hit the opponent or not especially firing from the distance. Feedback function becomes very important at this point. The game is very dynamic and the players are very mobile but Feedback will automatically make your tagger announce another headshot. The function is applied in a special careful way in order not to interrupt firing or healing. Configurator lets you adjust transmission and reception of Feedback option.

NOTE: Feedback is available in 6, 7, 8.2, 8.3 generations. Feedback might be unavailable if distance between the players is more than 1 km. Check your settings before every new game.


Zombie Game Mode

Zombie game mode is a new scenario game which requires no additional devices. The point is that any killed player automatically moves into opposite team (Humans or Zombies) becoming its active member in adjustable period of time. The goal of the scenario is to gather all the players into one team (Humans or Zombies).

Zombie Mode Setup

  1. Divide all the players into two teams: Humans (RED) and Zombie (GREEN).
  2. Select all the players in the list (System Settings), switch on Zombie Mode (System Settings) and record data to apply the changes.
  3. If Mortality option is chosen – no player will move into opposite team after death.
  4. After settings are applied Zombie team’s headbands (GREEN) will glow and taggers will produce “zombie” creepy sounds.
  5. Do not forget to set up other essential features the way you need (lives, ammo, etc).
  6. Activate all the players.
  7. Press START GAME and watch the epic battle’s events online.

NOTE: Zombie game mode is available in 8.2, 8.3 generations. Check your settings before every new game.