January 27, 2017 Lasertag, RAVEN, Tagger

LSD Raven is released!

LSD Raven is released!

Hello players!

LSD Raven has arrived. Grainy matte surface and printed logo appeared on the serial model as promised. The grip is really convenient and makes you "Stand up and fight!" once you get hold of it. No matter how old you are or how big your hand is - be sure you will never drop or lose it. The Raven has been tested thoroughly by attracting dozens of kids and ladies of different ages just to make sure every player would enjoy the efficiency. Of course men like it too! Apparently we would not have produced it if we don't, right?

Modified emitter specially adapted for this pistol has been showing excellent results during this winter: fire range is up to 200 meters (120 in the bright sunlight)! No rebounds were detected though the crispy shiny snow is the perfect reflector. The Raven was kept outside for 3 days and did survive the severe Russian cold easily.

Do not hesitate to order before the new season kicks off! Free delivery when you buy 15+ Ravens.

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