October 25, 2016 Lasertag


T3 emitter – is a fresh development by LSD Electronics and has already become a serial emitter being installed by default on most taggers for no additional charge!
Technically T3 is a complicated optical system which consists of two lenses and modern IR diode by OSRAM. Compared to T1M dimensions have changed slightly: diameter – 36 mm, weight – 160 g, length – 125 mm. But the emission became more powerful! While being tested in the brightest sun imaginable in July 2016 (Penza, Russia, +32 Celsius) T3 provided confident fire range of 160 meters! Let me remind you, please, that confident fire range requires not less than 80% accuracy. The maximum fire range at that point reached 220 meters. During the evening test the results increased dramatically: 250 meters of confident fire range and 420+ of maximum fire range. The beam is 30-45 cm at the distance of 150 meters! Overall, T3 is the best emitter LSD Electronics has ever created which shows great results!

LSD Electronics


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