LSD Raven Arena

Finally LSD Raven Arena arrived. Absolutely wireless and 100% online gaming type is just wonderful. The taggers and devices are loaded with the special firmware to boost up the data transmission and provide pure fun for gamers and spectators too. The game kits are set up in couple clicks with no specific knowledge needed.


LSD Raven is not just another package of laser tag guns. It is the set which is totally ready to start the business and make money on the fly. Reliable taggers and essential additional devices will help you operate the business in easy way. Great variety of scenarios and online scores tracking feature will help you promoting the venue so the customers will be coming back again and again. No age, gender or health limits. Play real!

What Is Laser tag?

Laser tag is a high-tech game the point of which is to hit the target with infrared ray.

Equipment operation

Our company constantly maintains the highest level of quality of the laser tag equipment. You must follow a few simple rules to keep you equipment in a working order:

Becoming a dealer

LSD Electronics Company is currently looking for dealers in different countries for mutually beneficial cooperation.

OPERATION: Plugging in

When you buy lasertag equipment from us, you do not only get up-to-date electronics, but you also get the most advanced software to work with.


New T1M Emitter
New LSD Headband is RGB
New additional damage sensor
Online Scores
Volume Control
New Power Supply